Honoring Sacrifice, Restoring Hope

We exist to empower military families with unwavering support and assistance, honoring their sacrifices with dedicated commitment.

Powerfully funded through the graciousness of ShopRite, the Committee steps in to assist local Hudson Valley military families in times of financial distress. The Committee can assist locally approved applicants by directly paying utility bills, vehicle repairs, child care, or other expenses that will alleviate immediate stress during difficult times.

Please note we are not a national organization, and are not equipped to handle requests outside of the NY, NJ, PA areas, with priority reserved for Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess and Rockland counties in NY.

The Committee also offers scholarships for members of the military community to participate in therapeutic horseback riding.

We have new initiatives including scholarships for graduating military dependents.

Delve into the heart of our story and explore the purpose that drives us.

A letter from the president,
Gold Star Wife Barb Allen



Barb Allen


Barb’s husband, Lt Louis Allen, was killed in Iraq in 2005, along with the Commanding Officer. SSG Alberto Martinez was arrested and tried for their murders. He was acquitted after pleading guilty. This compounded tragedy sent Barb into a 10 year tailspin. Today she is stronger for her experiences and loves leading others through their own adversity.

Barb Allen is all about resilience, patriotism, and the American Dream. She’s an author who has turned her own life’s tragedies and traumas into a best- selling book. She’s an expert at finding humor, blessings, and opportunity in both personal and professional adversities and finds joy in helping people build their own American Dream.

Chrissy Schiff

Board Member

At the time of developing this organization, Chrissy was a marketing director for politicians and charitable groups. Her work raised substantial funds for various local political campaigns and philanthropy. She’s been applying that expertise to this organization ever since its original founder, Ray McCarthy, asked her to join his cause.

Chrissy also worked for Congressman Chris Gibson, prioritizing veteran advocacy.

Chrissy is now a proud business owner in Sullivan County, where she has deep ties, and she remains a powerful force in the world of Veteran Advocacy.

Christian Farrell


Christian Farrell is a dedicated individual who has made a profound impact in multiple domains throughout his life. As the Director of Orange County Veterans Services, he tirelessly works to support and advocate for veterans in their transition back to civilian life. Before assuming this role, Christian’s career began as a news and sports reporter with YNN Time Warner Cable News, where he honed his skills in journalism and storytelling. Notably, he also served as an Iraq War Veteran, exemplifying his firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by military personnel. With his unique blend of professional experience and personal dedication, Christian Farrell continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Steve Neuhaus

Board Member

Steve Neuhaus is Orange County’s sixth County Executive, focusing on revitalizing the county’s economy, improving public health and safety, enhancing infrastructure, and stabilizing the budget. A lifelong Orange County resident and son of immigrants, Neuhaus was raised on a working farm in Southern Orange County. He holds degrees in History/Political Science and Public Administration, and he is a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, serving on a Naval Special Warfare team. Neuhaus is actively involved in the community, serving as a founding member and former chairman of the Families of War Veterans Committee, and supporting the Hudson Valley Honor Flight. He resides in Chester with his wife and four children.

Dan O’Kane Jr.

Board Member

After completing college, Dan embarked on a career in the construction industry in the New York Area, a path he has steadfastly followed since. Driven by his profound love for our country and unwavering respect for our military, Dan joined the group with a simple yet powerful motivation. As a dedicated board member of the organization, his goal is to extend support to military personnel and their families, alleviating any financial burdens they may encounter. With a deep commitment to making a difference, Dan strives to contribute in whatever way possible alongside the group, ensuring the well-being of those who have served.

Stephen Renna


Stephen Renna’s journey as a US Marine took him through two challenging tours of duty in Iraq. Motivated by a deep desire to support his fellow veterans in a truly impactful manner, he joined the group with an unwavering commitment to making a difference. Stephen’s passion for addressing the pressing issues faced by the veteran community is palpable, driving him to advocate tirelessly for their well-being. His firsthand experiences and dedication make him a valuable asset in the pursuit of positive change for veterans.




At our core, we understand that a simple act of support can make a world of difference. Our mission is to support and empower the active duty and veteran military families of our communities as they navigate the challenges of service and civilian life. We firmly believe in providing assistance that empowers individuals rather than fostering dependency. The unwavering belief in honoring the sacrifices of our military personnel resonates strongly within our community, contributing significantly to our organization’s success. Generous donations from our community enable us to deliver the necessary aid and support our veterans require on their journey to stability and well-being.