At our core, we understand that a simple act of support can make a world of difference. Our mission is to support and empower the active duty and veteran military families of our communities as they navigate the challenges of service and civilian life. We firmly believe in providing assistance that empowers individuals rather than fostering dependency. The unwavering belief in honoring the sacrifices of our military personnel resonates strongly within our community, contributing significantly to our organization’s success. Generous donations from our community enable us to deliver the necessary aid and support our veterans require on their journey to stability and well-being.

Powerfully funded through the graciousness of ShopRite, the Committee steps in to assist military families in times of financial distress. The Committee can assist approved applicants by directly paying utility bills, vehicle repairs, child care, or other expenses that will alleviate immediate stress during difficult times.

The Committee also offers scholarships for members of the military community to participate in therapeutic horseback riding. New opportunities are now available for coaching with former Navy SEAL Jason Redman, and his Overcome Army.

We have new initiatives being launched, and will be updating this site to reflect those services.